Optical Dispensary

The Value of Working With Experienced Opticians

We have 4 opticians on staff here in Mentor with more than 100 years of combined experience. When you meet with one of them, they will ask you specific questions to determine what your vision needs are. They will answer any questions you may have about different lens options and frame choices. Our opticians will make specific recommendations after reviewing your information and listening carefully to what you have to say. It is our goal to be friendly as well as professional so that you are satisfied with the entire the process. We only use high-quality labs to process your eyeglasses. If you recently were examined elsewhere, we will be more than happy to fill your prescription.

The Frames

Picking out frames is like selecting the outside of your house. You need the frame to support the house. When it comes to selecting eyeglass frames, there are several important details to consider. This is where our professional staff here at Erie Optical can help you pick out the appropriate frame that satisfies your fashion sense and works properly with your prescription.

At Erie Optical, we currently carry more than 700 frames, so you’ll be sure to find your pair or pairs of glasses from us. Whether you’re interested in a style that is traditional looking or are seeking a fun funky look, we are here to help. We carry some of today’s most popular designer brands including Ray-Ban, Coach, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein.

The Lenses

Now, the lenses are like the inside of your house. You couldn’t live in just the frame of your house. The frame is necessary to allow you to live comfortably in the house. More importantly, the lenses allow you to see well. In addition, there are many lens options available to enhance as well as protect your eyes from the environment. For example, anti-reflective lenses will help with overall clarity, night vision, and glare. There are also a number of lens options to protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV and blue light.