Vision Therapy in Northeast Ohio

Studies have shown that approvimately 43% of children with vision problems can pass a vision screening test. Contact us for a comprehensive exam today!


Vision Therapy in Northeast Ohio

Studies have shown that approvimately 43% of children with vision problems can pass a vision screening test. Contact us for a comprehensive exam today


Vision Therapy In Painesville, Northeast, OH and The Greater Cleveland Area

At Family EyeCare Clinic, we offer developmental eye exams including advanced Vision Therapy with Dr. Tedesco at our Painesville location. Our practice is passionate about vision therapy and eye exams focused on children, because 80% of all learning is Visual and almost half of children’s vision issues are not found from your schools vision screening. We also offer a custom program for athletes looking for an edge with sports vision therapy training.

Our Visual Processing & Training Center Offers:

  • Learning Issues
  • Pediatric Developmental Eye Exam’s
  • Eye Exam for Special Needs
  • Sports Vision Training

Lauren Tedesco, O.D.
Pediatric Optometrist

Is The Schools Vision Screening Enough?

Vision is a complex process that uses many different processes. A school vision screening and eye exams that are not developmental, assess some aspects of vision but miss others such as eye tracking, eye focusing, and eye teaming.

Our Developmental Optometrist, Dr. Tedesco, recommends that all children have an eye exam that checks all aspects visual function.

What is Vision Therapy?

We are all familiar with vision issues that originate from problems with the eye, these are usually fixed with glasses or contacts. There are many vision related issues that effect our child’s performance in the classroom and in life, that are due to issues with the eyes interaction with the brain. Vision Therapy is like physical therapy, where the therapist works with the patient at their pace to retrain the brain and eyes to work together.

What Does Vision Therapy Treat?

  • Convergence Insufficiency-Eyes drifting causing double vision
  • Accommodative Issues-Focusing issues
  • Eye Tracking-Eye movement and vision
  • Binocular Vision Issues-Eyes working together
  • Strabismus-Esotropia and Exotropia/Eye allignment
  • Amblyopia-Lazy eye

Taking Your Sports Performance To The Next Level With Sports Vision Training

20/20 eye sight and good hand eye coordination is not enough to maintain peak performance for sports. We tend to underestimate the complexity and challenge posed to our visual system when we try to hit a ball moving at 65-80 miles per hour. Sports Vision Training uses the principals of vision therapy to teach skills such as:

  • Better hand eye coordination
  • Improved depth perception and estimation
  • Faster reaction times
  • Vision and balance
  • Precise eye movement and tracking
  • and more!

Is Your Child Achieving Their Best In School?

A child with vision issues will find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, show signs of low hyperactivity such as fidgeting and fatigue after school work. If a child cannot see well, they cannot read for extended periods of time, they may have difficulty seeing the board at school, or even concentrating on the computer may be wearing them out. Because of the importance of visual learning it is recommended that all children receive yearly eye exams if they have glasses or contacts or every other year if they do not.

Contact us today to schedule:

  • Vision Therapy Consultation,
  • Sports Vision Consultation,
  • or Pediatric Eye Exam

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